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Welcome to Legendary Mulleriya Battle Field


'Mulleriya Satana' was fought between the Sinhalese and the Portuguese, marking one of the most significant freedom battles in the history of Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese forces, headed by Prince Tikiri, took down over 1600 Portuguese soldiers and were thus victorious within their struggle to free the motherland from the invading foreigners. The fighting technique utilized by the locals during the clash was Angampora, a famed combat practice that dominated the local martial arts scene.


Despite that fact that there had been number of armed conflicts between Seethawaka forces and Portuguese troops during the years 1550, 1552, 1561, 1562 and 1583 respectively, the first triumphant battle effectuated by Seethawaka combatants was on August 23,1562. All relevant information pertaining to the Mulleriyawa battle (1562 AD) and Tikiri Kumaru Rajasinghe cannot be incorporated in a concise write-up similar to this. Hence, further historical particulars can be acquired by perusing the undernoted informative publications.



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450 Celebration of the battle


The Battle of Mulleriyawa ( මුල්ලේරියාවේ සටන Mulleriyawa Satana in 1559) was a battle part of the Sinhalese–Portuguese War. It was one of the most decisive battles in Sri Lankan history and considered as the worst defeat of Portuguese during that period.[6] According to local chronicles the marshlands of Mulleriyawa turned red with blood after the annihilation of the Portuguese. With this victory Sitawaka emerged as a military power which able to challenge the Portuguese expansion.Our glowing tribute must be bestowed upon King Mayadunne, Prince Tikiri Kumaru Rajasinghe, Commander-in-Chief Ekanayake and entire nationalistic participants for their unique and distinctive contribution rendered towards the outright accomplishment of the mighty warfare. In celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the 'Mulleriya Satana', Angam specialist Ajantha Mahantharachchi and his students presented a dramatization of the indigenous fighting tradition along with a religious ceremony, to pay respect and immortalize the warriors of the legendary battle of 1562.